El Reynolds

Great vetted information. I would definitely suggest to anyone. Everyone here is great and if I have any questions they always figure out the answer for me. 

Gary Poggensee

Great source of information on what is going on in the country. If you doubt what is said, they provide plenty of resources and encourage you to research for yourself. 

Sal Lincoln

Great Patriots sending great messages...way to go. 

Robert Kordan

The truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth. Well versed and knowledgeable in the Constitution and a tether of other subjects. Hopefully they will get a TV and or a radio spot to spread their message and truth.

Nancy Johnson

Very informative even though Facebook tries to shut them down -- they persevere with the same tenacity as our Founding Fathers! 

Daniel T. Reece

If you want the truth about what our employees are really doing to us, then this is the place. I got your 6 brother. Ready and waiting! 

Jim Fellows

I recommend people to watch and follow Patriot Watch Media because it is very informative about what the government is doing with us, using the laws, and legislation to follow an agenda. 

Lisa Ann Siegler

I like this page because, this is where I can learn truth, and facts about what's going on in my country, and if I don't understand something I can ask questions and get answers. 

Bryan Heath

I Recommend Patriot Watch Media!

Amber Grain

You want the truth, go no further... good bad or indifferent you’ll get the truth right here!! 

Tony Jarnagin

True words! Watch it. Joe is real; the one believer to believe.

William Cubero

They're honest, true loving patriots that speak the truth. I always look forward to watching them. If you don't know now, you'll know. Freedom on! Great job guys! 

Robert Rick Shatraw

True American Patriots with information we need!

Sherrie Kirby

Great research, Great reliable sources. Joe gives it to you straight up, no sugar coated smoke & mirrors 

Jeff Pardoe

Very knowledgeable, entertaining & informing. 

Danoto Olivieri

I very much recommend this group. 

Douglas Connolly

Awesome source for truth and constitutional knowledge not going in the main stream media. 

Wendy Rathell

Joe studies the Constitution and knows exactly what it means and relays the information in layman's terms. He's very passionate about our country and wants to save it! 

H.T. Waltman

Joe runs a no nonsense station. Some of you snowflakes and ball gobblers won’t like it. The truth always first and foremost.

Deb Justice Williford Baas

BC they speak the truth. in today's society we need truth. 

Chet Russell

Patriot watch Media provides solid information about the founding documents, current events, rights vs liberties, truth vs opinion.

It's real, engaging, and in your face. Come "get some"!!!

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The man is on it when it comes to the Constitution. I learn everything that I can from Joe because he knows his shit! Love the man and he is very knowledgeable on the topic. 

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The truth is told, people need to wake up and educate yourself. 

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Great site to join. The PWM site is factual, that uses logic and common sense which is all backed by our U S Constitution.

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Definitely recommend watching. Great content and straight to the point. 

Crystal Ann Bordner

If you want truth that is not sugar coated and a clear understanding of the Constitution & Bill of Rights, then you are at the right place. Joe's knowledge is amazing & his love of Country comes through. News of today and how our God Given rights play in. Learn so much, Thank you Joe you are a true American Patriot. 

Mark Barnaart

It's very a good show with interesting links . The radio show talks about subjects that affect us now and in the future. 

James Tipton

Yes ..very educational .. and covers a lot of current events.

Micky Finn

Joe has an exceptional knowledge of our Constitution, with a firm understanding of it's intent. I recommend Patriot Watch Media for all Americans. Knowledge is power. If you don't know your rights, you won't know if they've been taken from you. 

Marita Cogburn


John Smaldon

If you want the truth, its here! 

Mark Ottinger

Truth....power of the people.

Michael Mortinsen

Get information here! Here is where you go to learn the truth! 

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 Truthful reporting always !

James McGuire

Knowledge is the first arms to bare and the first arms they take away. Know thy enemy and know thyself and you will find victory! 

Bryan Scott

 Amazing knowledge and content! Keep up the great work Joe! 

Cindy Wilson

 In-your-face truth and facts! 

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This has a lot of great information!!!