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Our Mission

Patriot Watch Media began in November of 2016 and is located in Louisville, Ohio which is also known as 'Constitution Town'. We do not favor political parties, religions, races, ethnicities, genders, sexualities or abilities/disabilities. We simply concern ourselves with the truth which is what we provide our audience. We pride ourselves on presenting all sides of an issue from the best sources available so that our audience may decide for themselves what to accept. 

Our mission consists of four goals; 

1) To wake our countrymen to the reality of national and international affairs 

2) Educate them on said affairs 

3)  Advocate for our countrymen to unite and provide effective leadership and

4) Collectively search for viable solutions to the vast and crucial issues that plague this great nation.

The opportunity to flourish has become more attainable than ever before. People are craving to be told the truth and nothing but the truth.




Joe Berlyak

Elizabeth Bell

Elizabeth Bell

Joe, a staunch Constitutionalist and member of the Constitution Party of Ohio, is a Desert Storm veteran who is extremely patriotic and politically incorrect. 

He discusses many topics that involves this great nation; virtually everything from A to Z within every level of every arena and the constitutionality of the issue at hand.


Elizabeth Bell

Elizabeth Bell

Elizabeth Bell


Rob Schmidt

Elizabeth Bell

Rob Schmidt

Program Director

General Manager - Host

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Lisa Ann Siegler