The views expressed by the guests on our shows does not necessarily reflect the views of Patriot Watch Media. We pride ourselves on presenting all sides of an issue from the best sources available so that our audience may decide for themselves what to accept. Regardless, your hosts always strive to be smack-you-in-the-face intense with the unbiased and unadulterated truth.

All shows begin at 8 PM Eastern and we always strive to have various industry leaders as special guests.

Topics We Discuss

We speak of many topics and depending upon the topic of discussion, we will focus on the constitutionality of the issue at hand.

We may speak of the loss of a loved one, financial strife, determination, self-esteem and confidence, the power of the mind;  current events that mainstream media and some alternative media either refuses to discuss or gives half-truths about; issues plaguing this great nation that you might not hear anywhere else;  unadulterated and unbiased truth;  outdoor activities such as bug-out bags, firearm safety; our founding documents, political corruption and much more!


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