The views expressed by the guests on our shows does not necessarily reflect the views of Patriot Watch Media. We pride ourselves on presenting all sides of an issue from the best sources available so that our audience may decide for themselves what to accept.

All shows begin at 8 PM Eastern and Patriot Watch Media always strives to have various industry leaders as guests on theirs shows.

Empowering Positivity


Many individuals deal with a plethora of burdens such as the loss of a loved one, financial strife and depression to name a few. This show strives to be an uplifting experience so as to help each other through difficult times. Topics on this show range from determination, self-esteem and confidence, the power of the mind and much more.

Manic Monday


This show provides our hosts the opportunity to discuss current events that mainstream media and some alternative media either refuses to discuss or gives half-truths about.

The Wednesday Show


This show provides our hosts the opportunity to provide you with information to many issues plaguing this great nation that you might not hear anywhere else. 

Trigger Warning


Trigger Warning provides you the unadulterated and unbiased truth and sometimes that truth can get you triggered.

The Joe Show


This show typically involves anything that pertains to outdoor activities such as bug-out bags, firearm safety and more. However, Joe may also discuss other issues that are pertinent as the need arises.

How can I tune in to the show?

Find us on ZOOM for FREE! Be a part of the show and interact with us live! Once you've created your free account, simply login, click on 'Join a Meeting' and when prompted, type in  664 535 859.

NOTE: In order to tune in "live" on ZOOM, you have to first download the "ZOOM Cloud Meeting" app on your mobile device or go to on your desktop, and create a FREE account.

You can always tune in through the following link on YouTube and watch the live show or replays. 

What is the mission of the show?

Our mission consists of four goals; 

1) To wake our countrymen to the reality of national and international affairs 

2) Educate our countrymen on said affairs 

3)  Advocate for our countrymen to unite and provide effective leadership and 

4) Collectively search for viable solutions to the vast and crucial issues that plague this great nation. We strive to accomplish this by educating with facts, common sense and true history.

What can you expect?

Your hosts discuss a wide range of topics that deal with government corruption, our founding documents, founding fathers and everything in between. They speak of subjects that others are afraid of! They achieve this with facts, common sense and TRUE history.

This media is intended to be smack-you-in-the-face intense, educational, direct, truthful and politically INcorrect!